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3D Secure - Verified by VISA

Online payments with additional added security by SMS code.


Join 3D Secure and start using now. It’s free.


At joining websites you can safely use your real card data.


Online shopping is validated in real time with an additional security code sent by SMS.

Available services

No. It will be sent an SMS with a different validation code (OTP – One Time Password) for each online purchase at the secure establishments websites.

In order to make online and at distance purchases in websites of secure establishments you must sign up for this service to increase the security of the transactions carried out with your card.

The 3D Secure service can only be used at the establishments that have joined. In case the establishment has not joined the 3D Secure agreement you should use the MB NET Service to ensure the safety of your transactions and card.

For some low-value transactions (€20 or less) at secure websites the purchase authentication through this service may not be requested but the execution of the operation is assured.

The purchase is not carried out and the service may be blocked if you attempt to introduce it more than 3 times. The status of the service can be consulted at best.pt > Everyday Banking > Cards. In order to unblock the service please call (+351) 218 505 775 (business days, from 8h to 22h).

No. Every time you are requested to authenticate the purchase through this service you must introduce the validation code received in your mobile phone defined to receive the 3D Secure SMS.

Sign up at best.pt > Everyday Banking > Cards, it’s easy and fast!

It is a mandatory signing up and utilization service in secure establishments websites since it prevents online fraud and guarantees a high authentication of the purchase through the introduction of a validation code received by SMS at the moment of the transaction.

To sign up you only have to select your VISA card and confirm the mobile phone number where you want to receive the SMS to validate your online purchases.

Every time you purchase on websites of secure establishments identified with the symbol Verified by VISA with a VISA card signed up to this service there will be a new window with Banco Best’s identification where you can introduce the card number, expiry date and safety code.

Afterwards you must introduce the validation code sent by SMS at the moment of the purchase.

This way the purchase will be safely authenticated. In websites of establishments that have not joined the 3D Secure – Verified by VISA protocol use the MB NET service to generate temporary virtual cards associated to your actual card. This way, the information of your actual card will never be made available The generation of virtual temporary cards is also available in the MB WAY app and you don’t need to sign up for the MB NET service.

Learn more about the MB NET and MB WAY.