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Lombard Credit

Credit up to 100% of your financial assets APR 10.3%*

Easy to use

Financing granted through a current account, with a maximum credit limit and no fixed repayment schedule.

Credit up to 100%

Your financial assets in Banco Best give you up to 100% credit for your projects, without using your money.

Competitive price

Interest rate lower than other traditional loans.

For any purpose

Use the credit for any purpose.

Up to 12 months

Term of 3, 6 or 12 months renewable.

€0 early redemption fee

Pay whenever you want and without any commission for early repayment.

Get the money you need in 3 steps
Cliente a consultar o seu património
Evaluate your financial assets
Select the financial assets you have at Best Bank (such as funds, Unit-Linked, shares, deposits, etc.), and use them as collateral (guarantee) for your credit. The financial products that may be indicated as collateral will be pledged to BEST Bank, and you cannot sell or transact them during the loan.
Cliente a simular o seu crédito colateral
Simulate your credit up to 100% of the selected assets. All without mobilizing your financial assets. Then just talk to your manager or visit one of our Investment Centers.
Cliente a receber o seu dinheiro na conta
Get the money without delay
Receive the money in your account within up to 72 hours, after document validation, and then use it for whatever you want (credit without a specific purpose).

Lombard Credit Simulation

Indicate the amount of your financial assets that you intend to give as guarantee (collateral) for your credit

My Lombard Credit

Learn how

My financial assets

My current credit account

charges included in the APR

Assembly commission
  Stamp tax
Management comission
  Stamp tax

documentSee FIN

This simulation is an example of the potential advantages in use your financial assets in Best Bank for a collateral credit (assuming the use of the assets indicated as guarantee for the credit). The simulation considers a term of 365 days, renewable, and a nominal fixed annual rate (TAN), of 5.50% (for credit up to €75,000, inclusive), plus the respective commissions and associated taxation, as described in the price list.
For credit plus than €75,000, you have a variable rate: 12-month Euribor + 1.5% spread, plus the respective commissions and associated taxation, as described in the price list.

Under the terms of number 3 of Instruction no. 13/2013, open-ended contracts and automatic renewal contracts are considered to be contracts of indefinite duration.
For the APR calculation, in the case of a credit agreement of indefinite duration, which is not an overdraft facility, it is assumed that: i) the credit is granted for a period of one year from the date of initial use and that the final payment cover the outstanding principal balance, interest and other charges, if applicable; ii) the capital is reimbursed, in equal monthly payments, starting one month after the date of initial use. Interest and other charges are applied in accordance with credit utilization and the provisions of the credit agreement.
The APR calculation assumed that each year has 12 standard months and that each month has 30 days, that is, the 30/360 convention.

Representative example:
* APR 10.3%, Annual nominal rate of 5.50% for a credit limit of €50,000 and paid over 12 renewable months, including the installation commission in the amount of €375.00 (plus stamp duty) and management fee of €249.96 (plus stamp duty), as defined in the price list and associated taxation.

For a specific framework, evaluation of your assets and credit conditions, call +351 218 505 775 (weekdays, from 8 am to 8 pm. Call to the national fixed network). If you are already our Client, contact your Manager or visit our Investment Centers.

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