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Collateral Loan

Give your projects the green light. Keep your portfolio gains.


Pay when you want and without early redemption fees.


Your assets give you 100% credit without spending your money.


Interest rate lower than other traditional credits.


Terms between 6 and 12 months renewable.


Use your credit for whatever purpose you want.


Your Collateral Loan can be up to 100% of all your assets in Banco Best, depending on your specific needs, credit amount, term, rates, grace period or assets used as collateral.

The financial products that may be indicated as collateral will be pledged to Banco Best and they can’t be mobilized during the loan period of life.

For more information call us on 707 246 707 (business days, from 8h to 22h WET) or contact the Relationship Management service. If you prefer, you can go to one of our Investment Centres.

Collateral Loan is a flexible line of credit, adaptable to your needs. You can get a loan of up to 100% the value of your assets at Banco Best and use the money as you like. No fees for total or partial repayment. Collateral Loan makes it easier to go on the vacation you always dreamed about, to buy a new car, to deal with a financial emergency or even to buy your new house.

It's very simple to use: by transfers to and from your current account. It's fast too, because the money is available in 48 hours after we receive the required documents. Your financial assets at Banco Best can be used as collateral, as a loan guarantee. This means you don't have to touch your assets; but they will be evaluated and used as collateral. So you get lower interest rates than what is offered in traditional loans.

It is unmatched, because you can invest in your projects without spending your savings. Your assets stay intact. The loan amount can be up to 100% of all your financial assets at Banco Best – according to your needs.


*APR 6,4% and annual nominal rate 2,75%, for a loan amount of € 50,000, over 12 months renewable, with processing fees and duties. The benchmark Euribor rate is calculated every month and corresponds to the arithmetical average of daily 6 or 12 month Euribor rates from the month before the accounting period rounded up to the nearest one thousandth and will be reviewed according to its frequency. Calculation of applicable interest is based on 360 days. Banco Best reserves the right to set different percentages of coverage allowed by your financial assets for the purposes of Credit Collateral, these percentages may very depending on the type and characteristics of financial products and customer profile. The financial products that may be indicated as collateral will be pledged to Banco Best, the Client can not mobilize them, during the period of life of the loan