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Portfolio Selector

Three customer profiles, three diferents portfolios.

Use the slider below to adjust your choice:

Investment portfolio adjusted to the risk profile:


The goal is to get the highest profitability possible, representing high levels of volatility similar to those of the stock markets. It is mainly constituted by long term investments so it benefits from the return potential of the high risk financial assets.

How much do you want to invest?
The minimum amount to invest is €20,000.

The portfolios of investment funds presented are composed exclusively of investment funds and no other types of financial assets are considered for this purpose. The set of investment funds presented, in the proportions indicated, is adjusted to the selected investment profile. Taking into consideration the minimum subscription amounts of each of the current funds, the minimum reference amount for each portfolio is € 20,000.

Whenever the Portfolio Selector changes, it will be identified with the symbol .
This information is neither an offer nor a recommendation to buy or sell financial assets, as well as it is not the confirmation of any kind of transaction. It is up to the eventual investor to make his/her own decisions according to his/her goals, financial situation and financial context taking into consideration the respective laws and regulations.