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The medium-term objective is to increase capital by slightly more than the interest rate without risk, by means of investment, mostly in bonds, while reducing exposure to the stock market.

The medium-term objective is to increase capital by more than the interest rate without risk, through moderate risk investment, diversifying exposure through various asset classes.

The objective is to maximize return, which translates into high levels of volatility, similar to that of the stock markets. This is underpinned by long-term investments, so as to profit from the greatest return potential for high-risk financial instruments.

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Difference between Funds and ETFs

As a general rule, Investment Funds are actively managed investments in asset portfolios. They are managed by experts and different strategies may be adopted.
ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) invest in index replications, and managers are not involved in choosing assets, meaning that ETFs are considered to be managed passively.
As a general rule, as funds are managed actively, the fund management fee is higher for them than for ETFs. Because ETFs are listed on the stock market, transaction costs are associated with their purchase and sale.


Fund launched in 2005 by MFS and spearheaded by a professional with 30 years of industry experience. The fund invests primarily in public debt securities and US government agencies, including mortgage-backed securities (MBS), with an investment grade credit rating. Debt instruments, issuers and duration/maturity are selected based on macroeconomic indicators, assessments and market context.

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Profitability measures are calculated in euro, the end date being as indicated and the start date corresponding to the same date one year earlier.
The figures disclosed include the taxation borne directly by the collective investment agencies. The investor, whether a natural or legal person, is also subject to taxes on the distributed income and the capital gains obtained as a result of redemption, pursuant to the tax system in force, described in detail in the legal documentation relating to the fund. Returns reported represent past data and do not constitute a guarantee of future return, because the value of the Units may increase or decrease depending on the level of risk, ranging from 1 (lowest risk) to 7 (highest risk). Investment in the collective investment system may result in loss of the capital invested.
The risks associated with investment can be reduced through broad diversification of investments with different classes and types of financial assets.
This information does not preclude reading the investment fund's Key Investor Information Document and the Prospectus available on this website.
This communication is merely for informative purposes and should not be understood, under any circumstances, as a contractual proposal or an investment recommendation. Any information on financial instruments is standard in nature and the investor's personal circumstances must be verified at the time of subscription. Customers should be informed of the nature of the financial instrument listed before any investment decision is made.