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Retirement Savings Funds

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Possibility of personal income tax deduction for part of the investment made.

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  • PPR Vintage Sustentável - Fundo de Pensões Aberto Poupança-Reforma
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    Gerido pela GNB – Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Fundos de Pensões, o PPR Vintage Sustentável é o complemento de reforma para quem privilegia o capital investido (a Entidade Gestora garante o valor da subscrição à data do reembolso, desde que o período de detenção dessas unidades de participação seja igual ou superior a 3 anos).O PPR Vintage Sustentável investe um mínimo de 50% do seu património em obrigações, com um valor de referência de 55% para taxa fixa e 37,5% para taxa variável. O investimento em obrigações é realizado de forma diversificada e prudente, tendo em atenção os riscos de taxa de juro, crédito e liquidez. O Fundo poderá investir um máximo de 15% do seu património em ações de empresas admitidas à cotação em mercados regulamentados. A componente de liquidez é utilizada de uma forma residual e não poderá exceder 10% do valor patrimonial do Fundo. O Fundo efetua a cobertura do risco cambial inerente aos valores expressos em divisas que não o euro.

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    -3,10 29/05/2023
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    Retirement Savings Plans and pension funds are deductible from personal income tax collections at a rate of 20% for single persons and for each married spouse not legally separated. The deduction limits are as follows:

    Age Investment amount per taxpayer Maximum tax deduction amount
    < 35 €2000 €400
    > =35 <=50 €1750 €350
    > 50 €1500 €300

    Furthermore, the sum of the tax-deductible benefits may not exceed the limits defined for each taxable income band, as follows:

    Taxable income band (€) Limit (€)
    Up to 7035 No limit
    From 7035 to 80,000 The result of applying the following formula: 1000 + [1500 × (€80,000 – taxable income)/72,965]
    Above 80,000 1000

    Amounts applied after the date of retirement and amounts paid by third parties are not deductible, except when made by employers in the name of and on behalf of their employees (Article 21(8) of the Portuguese Tax Benefits Statute).

    Income tax

    Income is taxed at the personal income tax base at the time of its availability, under the following conditions:

    For payouts made in the circumstances provided for by law (including in the event of death of the insured), income is taxed at a minimum rate of 8%, if received in the form of capital, or in accordance with the rules of category H (Pensions), if received in the form of income.

    For payouts made outside of the circumstances provided for by law, income is taxed at a rate of 8.6%, if payout occurs from the eighth year, or 17.2% if payment occurs between the fifth and eighth year, provided that at least 35% of the total investment was carried out in the first half of the contract. Otherwise, or if payout occurs before the fifth year, income tax is 21.5%. Income taxation depends on the date on which the sums paid out were invested, with the conditions in force at the time of the investment being applied.

    In the event of partial payout, the first deposits made will be the first to be paid.

    Retirement Savings Plans may only be paid out or redeemed in whole or in part at the request of the Insured Person or Participant.

    Retirement Savings Plans may be paid out when the Insured Person or Participant meets at least one of the following conditions:

    The Insured Person or Participant retires due to old age.

    The Insured Person or Participant reaches 60 years of age.

    The Insured Person or Participant, or any member of their household, is in long-term unemployment.

    The Insured Person or Participant, or any member of their household, has a permanent disability that prevents them from working, regardless of cause.

    The Insured Person or Participant, or any member of their household, falls seriously ill.

    Use for paying loan agreement installments guaranteed by mortgage on property intended for the personal and permanent housing of the Insured Person or Participant.

    Payout under these conditions can only be verified for deposits/subscriptions for which 5 years have passed since the date of payment. However, once 5 years has passed from the date of the first deposit payment, payout for the contract may only be requested if at least 35% of deposits were paid in the first half of the contract.

    In situations where the Retirement Savings Plan is a shared asset under the marital property system, the personal situation of either spouse prevails, and payout shall only take place when the Spouse retires due to old age, or when the Spouse reaches the age of 60, provided that five years have lapsed since payment of the respective deposits. In situations where at least 35% of the premium sums were paid during the first half of the contract, payout may be requested after 5 years have passed since the date of the first deposit.

    Other than in the situations provided for by law, stipulated above, full or partial payout of the Retirement Savings Plan is permitted. However, this carries tax implications as defined in Articles 21(4) and (5) of the Portuguese Tax Benefits Statute, which may involve the recovery of tax benefits by deduction from the amount collected, plus a penalty for each year lapsed, and the application of a withholding tax at the source on capitals gains taxed at a higher personal income base. Payout may therefore be subject to a payout or redemption fee.

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