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Security and Alerts

The security of our customers is our top priority.

Stay alert and informed at all times. Don't take risks — talk to us.

  • Online security
  • Card security
  • SMS security
  • Strong authentication
  • Keep your identity secure

    Keep your valuable documents in a safe place, destroy important financial information and keep your contact details up to date with the bank. Carefully check all your statements on a regular basis. If the origin of any emails, SMS messages or phone calls you receive is unknown, do not provide any information about your personal data, contact details and/or access codes.

    Stay alert on social media and in online games. These may be a means to fraudulently obtain personal data, contact details and/or access codes.

    Chip and PIN

    Keep your card in a safe place and do not allow others to use it

    Do not tell anyone your PIN and do not make a note of it

    Always memorize your PIN and keep it separate from your card

    Do not share the numbers in your password with anyone and make sure you change them regularly

    When choosing a password, do not use your birthday, age or any other information that can be obtained from stolen data.

    Security measures

    Remain vigilant against unexpected or suspicious calls and emails, and never disclose your card details or PIN number

    Do not share information about your card or bank account

    Always store your card and card details in a safe place and only shop on trusted websites

    Never make a note of your PIN or password

    Carefully check your card statement on a regular basis.

    Best Guardian

    Wherever you are, your credit card is protected.

    Protect yourself from theft. Read the content of SMS messages carefully.

    Whenever you receive an SMS from Best Bank containing transaction data, read the message carefully and always check the information in it.

    If the transaction indicated in the SMS message was not carried out by you, do not share the code included in the message with anyone, and do not enter it on any website or in any message.

    Remember the main precautions when using email if you receive any suspicious messages: Do not reply to suspicious emails and do not perform any actions you might be prompted to (e.g. opening attachments). Do not follow any links in the message and do not forward the message.

    Strong authentication

    Strong authentication is one of the major changes brought about by Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which was created to standardize the European payment market and increase the security of electronic transactions. Strong authentication rules apply to banks, equivalent service providers (e.g. fintechs) and online merchants.

    Authentication factors

    Strong authentication is compulsory throughout the European Union for online transactions. Similar to when you access the website or the app, strong authentication is also essential when you make an online purchase.

    The goal is to make transactions more secure by verifying your identity through 2- or 3-factor authentication:

    Something the customer has (e.g. their smartphone);

    Something the customer knows (e.g. a password);

    Something the customer is (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition).

    When is strong authentication applicable?

    Strong authentication factors are required when:

    Making an online purchase in the European Union;

    Entering your card details on a website for future payments even if you do not make a purchase at that time (e.g. online supermarkets, Netflix or Amazon, or even on ride-hailing apps like FREE NOW, Bolt and Uber).

    What should I do to use Best cards when shopping online?

    To continue shopping online smoothly and with even more security:

    Ensure that your contact details are up to date at Best, especially your Additional Security SMS cellphone number;

    Install the MB WAY app and link your Best cards to your smartphone;

    Ensure that your cards are linked to the 3D Secure service: on the website, go to For the Everyday > Cards > Online Purchases, or contact the Bank if you have any questions.

    How will online purchases work with strong authentication?

    Whenever you enter your Best card details to make purchases on secure merchant websites identified with the 3D Secure or Verified by VISA symbol, you will see a message that will give you the authentication method for that transaction.

    The purchase process will involve 3 steps:

    Entering your card details to make the transaction;

    Securely authorizing the purchase in the MB WAY app;

    Returning to the platform where you were making the purchase, checking that the payment was authorized and completing the transaction.

    Note that some merchants may still use SMS as an authentication method.

    On merchant websites that do not use 3D Secure/Verified by VISA to ensure greater security for your transactions, use the MB NET service to generate temporary virtual cards that are linked to your real card. This way, your actual card details are never made available.

    More security

    Here at Best we want to simplify the way you use your Bank with the greatest possible security at all times.

    We apply a number of security rules to detect behaviors that are considered "non-standard" and, as such, we may ask you to further verify your identity through these strong authentication systems. These measures are intended to prevent scares and problems in your life.

    Remember that you can use the Best Bank app to manage your cards in real time: freeze, unfreeze, cancel, order card replacements, report lost cards, and more.

    If you suspect an "unknown" operation on your account, you should contact Best via the Best Bank app, the website or the Customer Support Line.