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Best Bank app
Hello there!
Enjoy an even more user-friendly and convenient experience with the Best Bank App, now in English.
Insurance for almost anything and everyone
Check-up and optimize your insurance portfolio. To the house and to the car. For the dog and for the cat. For you and your family. Personal, property and liability protection solutions.
Profitability analysis
Select the account, analysis period and track the aggregate and product return on your investments and the summary where you invested and disinvested.
Financial Dashboard
Combined consultation of all investments and trading with access to information on positions, history by product and outstanding orders for all your portfolios. You can also filter by product, account or portfolio and sort all products by top holdings/biggest increases/biggest decreases.
Savings by goals
A simple, practical way of setting money aside for the things important to you.
Smart transfers
You can immediately make or schedule all national or international transfers (changing the currency), either to your accounts or your beneficiaries' accounts or as a one-off operation, all from one place. You can make instant transfers to Portugal and many European (SEPA) countries. At the end, you can save the details for whenever you need to use them again.
Full control over your cards
Control how much you spend and how much you can spend. Immediate access to payments, cash advance and MB WAY operations to send and withdraw money. You can freeze and unfreeze your card and access all your card management options.
The main features of MB WAY in your app: send and withdraw money, pay, use Multibanco and use MB Net virtual cards.
Manage your savings and investments in the app
You can subscribe to term deposits, bid on auctions, buy and sell shares, ETFs and bonds, search securities, check your history and even cancel orders.
term deposits

But we know you want even more

And of course, we always listen to your feedback. As such, we also have:

The simplest way to confirm orders you have placed or the proposals your Manager sends you.

Whether you have moved house, renewed your Citizen Card, or even if you just want to change the cellphone number where you receive SMS security messages, you can do so quickly.

For your belongings and for your trips.

Balances and transactions for your Best accounts and accounts with other banks in an integrated manner.

View all information relating to corporate events in the app.

View new areas of content, new partners, and Best Card Club benefits.

Because your app should have photos and colors to your taste.

Because not all of us carry out the same transactions, you can choose which you want to have for immediate access.

Talking to us is even easier with your inbox, BEA or by contacting your Manager directly.

Your proof of payment and statements are here.

The products you want to store, all in one place.

For upcoming public offers, you can now view all legal information and order directly through the app.

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