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Applify your Markets
Stocks, ETF, Warrants, and much more.
Investing is becoming simpler!
Robot Advisor DWS
Invest like a machine in your app. Starting from 50€/month, 100% digital. A robot and the human intelligence to manage your investments.
Finantial Dashboard
Integated view of all your investments and trading with last known prices, movements per product including pending order on all your portfolios. Can filter per product type, account or portfolio; order products per gains, loses or portfolio share.
Realise your Objectives
A easy way to save or invest based on an automatic monthly plan. Our Robot makes you a plan and lets you known if you're in target. A practical way to make things happen.
Smart Transfers
In a single screen you can make or schedule all transfers, being national ou international (in several currencies), between your own accounts, for you list of saved beneficiaries or for a single transfer. Can execute instant transfers to Portugal a several European countries (SEPA). Once executed you can save the transfer details to be reuse in the future.
Gain total control over your cards
Control what you spend and how much can you spend. Access to payments, instant cash advance e and P2P payments (send / request). Can lock and unlock your cards as well fully manage your cards.
All the P2P features of MB WAY in you app: send and request money, pay by QR or NFC, use ATM with no card and generate virtual cards.
Manage your saving and investments
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Term deposits (TD), auction of rates for TD, buy and sell securities, ETF and Bonds. Search for shares, companies, see trading orders or cancel ordens.
Still want more?
We listen your feedback, so there is more:
  • ✍️ Confirm orders
    A simple way to validate orders or proposals when talking with your relationship manager.
  • 📷 Personal Data update
    Because you changed home, renew your ID, changed email or phone number to receive the security SMS. All digital.
  • ☔ Insurances
    Before and even in the first trip hours, for you and travel companions. Also for your phone, laptop or tablet.
  • 🗂 All your accounts
    Balances and movements of your accounts in best and other banks integrated in a single app.
  • ⏱ Corporate Actions
    Managed all corporate actions online. No more paper forms.
  • 🏖️ More content
    Check the new content area, with articles, features and Best Card Club savings and discounts.
  • 🤳 Personalize
    Because it's you app, can have your photos and colors of choice.
  • 🛎️ Widgets
    Because we use the bank in different way, choose the most relevant for you.
  • 👋 Messages and support
    Ask us questions, make enquires, provide feedback by the secure messaging, chatbot or by reaching your RM (phone and email available).
  • 🗄️ Notices and Statements
    All available notices and statements are available to access, download or forward.
  • ⭐ Wishlist
    Your the products that you are interested in the future, in a single place.
  • 📅 Public Offering
    Access to all Public offer details, documents and give your order in the App.
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