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Personal Loan

Finance all your projects.

Are you investing in your own business, improving your house or buy a car?

UP TO €50,000

Ask for credit from €2,500 up to €50,000.


Payment term from 6 to 84 months.


Grace period up to 3 months.


Postpone the payment of up to 30% of your personal loan and get lower monthly payments.


Banco Best lets you double your monthly payment in 2 months in a year, thus paying 14 installments.


Protect your installments from the unexpected.


Your Collateral Loan can be up to 100% of all your assets in Banco Best, depending on your specific needs, credit amount, term, rates, grace period or assets used as collateral.

Whatever your purpose is when applying for a loan, one thing is certain: you will need to make monthly payments, that will last for a few years. So, you need to make sure that both your present and future incomes will allow you to pay off your debt without stress.

A good indicator is the "debt to income ratio"", that represents the weight of your debt and other expenses you might have on your income. Debt should not be over 30% of your family’s income. Otherwise, your family’s financial wellbeing can be compromised. Before applying for a loan, we advise you to thoroughly study the amount of money you really need and the monthly payments your income can sustain. That will give you your "debt to income ratio".

You choose the timeframe for your loan repayment, from 6 to 84 months, and the amount you need to loan, from €2,500 to €50,000.

Banco Best Personal Loan can be used for whatever you wish. For your career development, to start your own business, for home improvement, new furniture, technology or vacations. There are no limits to what you can do with the money.

You can choose to pay 14 installments a year. That way you can pay less every month. You can also choose to balloon up to 30% to the end of the loan contract.

For further information contact the Relationship Management service or call us on 707 246 707 (business days, from 8h to 22h WET).


*APR 9.8% and ANR 6.95% for a €20,000 loan to repay in 84 months, with financing of processing fees and taxes. Monthly payments of €325.49, for a total of €21,168.50€. Total amount charge to the Customer of €27,341.56€.