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Personal Loan

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For any purpose and up to €50,000.
APR 7.2% - annual nominal rate 5.25%

Bring your projects to life with Best.

Up to €50,000

Request a loan from €2500 to €50,000.

Up to 84 months

Choose a term between 12 and 84 months.


Intended to finance the purchase of goods and services, with no specific purpose.

Loan Protection Insurance

Repayments protected against unforeseen events. Optional insurance when taking out the loan.

Solution for your projects

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My personal loan

My monthly installment

ANR - The annual nominal interest rate (ANR) represents the cost associated with interest on the loan.


APR - Annual percentage rate (APR). This rate reflects the periodicity of payments and all recurring charges relating to the loan. It is the total cost of the loan expressed as an annual percentage of the loan amount: this includes interest + fees + expenses + taxes + insurance.


TAP - The total amount payable by the consumer to the institution throughout the loan period. This is the total sum of payments to be made under the loan agreement, including the loan amount + total costs (interest + fees + expenses + taxes + insurance).


CEP+IS - Comissão de estudo de processo (survey fee) + Imposto de Selo (stamp tax)


ISUC - Imposto do selo sobre utilização de crédito (credit usage stamp tax)


Cannot proceed with the calculation with the financial data entered. To proceed please contact Best Bank at > Contacts, or contact your Manager or External Consultant.

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For your personal credit

What should you know?

What should I know before taking out a loan?

Regardless of the purpose of the credit, one thing is certain: the installments will be monthly and your payment may take some time. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure that your current and future income will be enough to pay off your debt.

How can I assess the performance of my loan?

A good indicator is the debt ratio, which represents the percentage of your expenses in relation to your disposable income. Your credit charges should not exceed 30% of your household budget. Otherwise, your family's financial well-being could be at risk. So, before applying for a credit, carefully evaluate the amount you really need, the amount of the installment to be paid, plus your monthly expenses and other credits already in progress (when applicable). This will give you your debt ratio.

Credit protection insurance

Credit Protection Insurance is optional and allows:

Full payment of the credit in case of death or absolute and definitive disability;

Payment of benefits in the event of absolute temporary incapacity for work (due to accident and/or illness), hospitalization, involuntary unemployment or arrears of wages;

The value of the insurance premium can be financed and diluted in the installments, making it a lighter effort.

How to open an Account

There are several ways you can open an account. Choose the one for you.

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Useful documents

Representative example:

Loan of €20,000, granted for a term of 84 months, with a fixed repayment plan at the beginning of the contract.

ANR – annual nominal rate fixed at 5.25%

APR 7.2%, calculated to include a survey fee of €600 (plus stamp tax), and stamp tax on credit usage and on interest. Applied interest is calculated based on 360 days.

Continuous repayments – to the sum of 287,02€

Total amount payable by the consumer – 25.085,84€

This does not preclude reading the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Dependent to commercial authorisation.

App Best Bank Site Customer support line: 218 505 775 (business days from 8h to 20h. Landline call)