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MorgenFund portfolio management

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What you still need to know about Robot Advisor - MorgenFund Portfolio Management

Robot Advisor - MorgenFund Portfolio Management is a fully automated and digital discretionary portfolio management service, distributed exclusively by Best Bank in Portugal.

Depending on your individual characteristics and your investment objectives, the online Robot Advisor - MorgenFund Portfolio Management will automatically suggest one of 19 possible solutions. Portfolios consist of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and Investment Funds, and are created by the DWS asset management team, with their 60+ years of experience in asset management excellence. The choice between ETFs and Investment Funds not only focuses on DWS solutions, but pursues the best investments from world-leading managers.

The investor profile questionnaire, portfolio suitability and portfolio allocations are automated processes performed by the robot. Part of the fund and market research is carried out using automated solutions and processes. However, investment decisions on the 19 possible solutions and respective portfolio re-allocation are made by human intelligence and executed by automated processes. DWS publishes its "CIO View" every quarter, which serves as the basis for investment decisions.

With full digital/online access, autonomously and transparently, this service is the result of a partnership with German fund management company DWS, a global leader in asset management, responsible for managing more than €660 billion.

The service is provided by MorgenFund GmbH, Luxembourg, Parc d’Activite Syrdall 2, 18 –20, rue Gabriel Lippmann, Munsbach, Luxembourg. The competent national authority is the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (Financial Sector Supervisory Commission — CSSF) / L-2991 Luxembourg. Furthermore, MorgenFund GmbH, Luxembourg is a member of the Système d'Indemnisation des Investisseurs Luxembourg (Luxembourg Investor Compensation Scheme — SIIL). This system provides investors with a maximum guarantee of €20,000 for claims resulting from transactions in financial instruments.

Best Bank is the sole distributor of these services in Portugal.

19 possible portfolio solutions consisting of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and Investment Funds.

Portfolio selection performed by a robot.

Investment decisions underpinned by human intelligence and executed by automated processes.

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Profitability measures are calculated in euro, the end date being as indicated and the start date corresponding to the same date one year earlier.

Risks associated with discretionary portfolio management: management is conducted by MorgenFund pursuant to the rules set forth for the portfolio in question, and there is no guaranteed minimum return. Please note that conflicts of interest may arise insofar as some funds and ETFs in which MorgenFund invests within its discretionary portfolio management are issued by DWS itself or by entities belonging to the same financial group.

General risks of investing in financial markets: market risk, exchange rate risk, interest rate risk, regulatory/political risk, inflation risk.

Risks associated with investing in funds: credit risk, liquidity risk, volatility risk, counterparty risk, emerging market risk.