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What are Goals?
They're a simple, practical way of setting money aside. We suggest a monthly plan to help you achieve your goals.
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Your goal
To create your goal in the app, give it a name, tell us how much you need to achieve this goal and when you need the money by, and choose a symbol.

This money will be put to one side and is not affected by day-to-day payments.
Because every goal needs a plan, we'll create one specific to you and run the calculations based on time and how long you have to achieve it. Whether that's a few days or a few years.

If you're planning for the long term, we'll ask you a few more questions and use that information to propose a plan to help you achieve your goal. You can adjust the initial and monthly amount. The proposal shows you the amount you'll put into the plan plus return on investments.

When you activate your plan, transfers are automatically made from your account to each of your goals. Every month, with no extra work.
You can increase or decrease the amount whenever you want, or even pause the plan.
In your list of goals, you can see how they are evolving.
To help you, we do the calculations and show you if you're on track to meet your goal, and whether you'll be able to achieve the amount you want.

You can add more toward your goal at any time, but if you need that sum in the meantime, you can make a full or partial withdrawal.
By your side
Every time you look at your goals, we'll assess how your goal is evolving — so you can track whether you'll achieve it. You can see the updated calculation and what you've already earned, as well as all the amounts you have deposited over time.

When you are close to the end or just wanting to make a change, we can recommend an adjustment. Then the decision is up to you.
Because life happens, Best asks from time to time if anything has changed and, if necessary, recommends adjustments to your goal.
And then?
On whichever day you set, we close your goal and transfer the money to your main account. And with some interest on top to help. And now it's finished, you can go ahead with your goal.

What if it finishes and you don't have the amount you need?
You can always start with what you already have and create a new goal in the app
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