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Use virtual cards for online shopping


Innovative service: Login, go to Daily Management > Cards, and start using.


It manages MB NET virtual cards for online shopping without using the card’s real data.


You can use it in Portugal or abroad to do debit or credit payments.


Use MB WAY app to create virtual MB NET cards.

Available services

Relevant documents

The expiry date of the MB NET is the same as the one of the card you used to sign up.

  • Yet, if your card expires and is replaced by another of the same type your MB NET is automatically renewed.
  • If the card is cancelled before the expiry date your MBN NET will also be cancelled.
  • Please note that for security reasons once an actual card is cancelled or replaced by another of the same type the user will not be able to visualize the transactions associated to that card.

You can get your identification again through an ATM from the MULTIBANCO network.

  • Enter the bank card and enter your secret personal code;
  • Choose the “Serviço MB NET" option;
  • Choose the “ 2ª via do Talão MB NET” option.

BEST website:
  • Everyday banking > Cards > MB NET > Management.

You can get a secret code again through an ATM on the MULTIBANCO network.

  • Enter the bank card and enter your secret personal code;
  • Choose the "MB NET Service" option;
  • Choose the option "Change Secret Code";
  • Enter the new secret code required for MB NET (minimum 6 digits);
  • Re-enter the desired secret code for MB NET for confirmation.

BEST website:
  • Everyday banking > Cards > MB NET > Management, cancel your sign up and then generate a new request for sign up.

When you request a temporary card you should insert the data supplied by the MB NET, i.e., card number, expiry date and security code (CVV2 for VISA cards that is informed when the card is generated; or CSC for the American Express cards that is always the 4 digit code engraved in the front of the card).

Yet, if you want, you can inform your full name or the name engraved in the card, address, contact number, not risking the safety of the actual card.

You can also inform the name of the bank or the issuer of your actual card but you must never inform the number of the card with which you have signed up for MB NET.

Disclosing personal information is against MB NET principles of safety.

See all FAQs List here.

  • Now you no longer need to join MB NET or memorize its codes, all features are available at best.pt.

    Go to the website in Daily management> Cards to create virtual temporary cards associated with the real card, manage the cards created and their movements as well as change the daily limit of the service, among others.

  • If you have already signed up for the MB WAY service you don’t need to sign up for the MB NET service to purchase online. Just go to the MB WAY app and generate virtual temporary cards associated to your actual card. Also, in this app you can see the temporary cards purchases, cancel the temporary cards, among other operations.

    To sign up for the MB WAY service go to our website > Everyday Banking > Cards, or go to an ATM and select option MB WAY. Learn more here.

Sign in:

  • Go to Daily Management > Cards > Create Virtual Card (only requires username and Best security codes).

Via MB WAY app:

  • Access your card and go to MB NET > Generate Card (you only need your MB WAY PIN to authorize the generation of the temporary card).

In any of the options, you can choose to:

  • Generate Single Purchase Card (suitable for a single purchase and valid until the end of the month in which it was generated), or
  • generate Single Establishment Card (suitable for multiple purchases in only one establishment for a period of 12 months).

Insert the information requested in the webiste where you want to make the purchase and await for the payment confirmation.

It is the same as that of the card you used for signing up. In case it is renewed for other of the same kind the MB NET service is also renewed.

See all FAQ here.