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Best Electron Visa card

Debit card with contacless technology.


For holder and beneficiaries. €0 annuity for holders of Digital Account+, Service + Account and Start Account .


Present your card and payment is done!


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Services for your card

Relevant documents

Whenever you identify the contactless/ Visa PayWave symbols on the merchants’ POS readers, you may pay:

  • Faster: just wave your card in front of point of sale (POS) reader in merchants that identify the terminal with the contactless/Visa PayWave symbol;
  • Safer: the contactless technology allows you to make low value daily payments without enter your PIN up to €50 per payment. As an additional security procedure, occasionally you may be required to enter your PIN. For payments above €50, you always have to enter your PIN.
  • Easier: you don’t need to carry pocket money or wait to receive your change.

  • The technology is ready to use after the first Visa Electron CHIP & PIN purchase.
  • Card holders must enter their PIN when consecutive contactless transactions reached the amount of €80, in countries with Euro currency.
  • If the transaction is made in another currency than Euro, Card holders must enter their PIN whenever reached four consecutive transactions.
  • In all other transactions you still need to enter your PIN, as your normal procedure.

    If you already own a debit card without contactless, in the next renewal or replacement you will receive a new card with this technology encrypted. If you do not have a debit card, you can apply for it by accessing to Debit Card Area > Apply. Alternatively, call us on +351 218 505 775, business days, from 8h to 20h WET, or reaching us through our Investment Centers/Relationship Management service.

    In case of theft or loss, you can block you card on the Best Bank app. If you prefer, you can immediately call Best Bank on +351 218 505 775 (business days from 8h to 20h WET) or SIBS on +351 217 918 780 (available 24h/7). Please, have your card number, account number or IBAN with you. You should also report this situation to the authorities.

    You should call us on +351 218 505 775 (business days from 8h to 20h WET) so we can verify the cause. In case of capture by exceeding the PIN attempts, we will replace your card automatically and will send you a new card and PIN code to your home address. The card will have to be activated by the costumer for security reasons. You can also block you card on the Best Bank app.

    The Visa Electron card allows you, inter alia, to make purchases, cash withdrawals, view account balances and associated current account movements, order cheques, make interbank transfers, change your PIN code, purchase tickets, credit mobile phones and tickets for transport and subscribe to the MBNet service.

    When abroad, you can make payments in Visa network commercial establishments and make cash withdrawals from Visa cash machines.

    Bank website on cards.

    • Customer service, call +351 218 505 775 (business days, from 8h to 20h WET).
    • Bank Investment Centres or the Relationship Management service.

    In the previous month of the renewal date, we will send a new card to your home address. Your current card’s PIN is fixed and will be maintained for the new card.

    If you are abroad, you will have to activate your card on www.bancobest.pt, calling us on 707 246 707 or +351 218 505 775 (if calling from abroad).

    The former card can be used up to its expiry date or destroyed after the new card has been activated.

    • Protect the integrity of your card.
    • Keep card and PIN separate.
    • Sign the back of the card.
    • Do not allow other people to use your card.
    • Examine your card statement carefully.
    • Write down your card number and all of the contacts supplied by the Bank in a safe, easily accessible place.

    If you want to use your credit card to make payments on the internet:

    • Make sure that the vendor provides all of the respective information, including an address.
    • Avoid inserting the card no. in sites which are not protected by international security systems.
    • Always use the MB NET Service when you are shopping online.
    • Always make a note of the internet address through which the purchase has been made.

    Before making any payment via internet check here our security recommendations.

    Always use MB NET service – it allows you to make remote purchases (via internet, telephone, email or fax machine) with additional security guarantees by generating temporary cards with all the necessary information to make a payment. Know more.

    It depends on the currency and country where the withdrawals are made. Consult the applicable commissions in the price list.

    You just need to have a credit or debit card from Best and then enjoy the unique advantages of the Best Card Club: discounts, promotions and other offers exclusive for you. Know more.

    Possibility of debit transactions at cash machines, withdrawals, order cheques, change of PIN code, to buy tickets, make services payments and bank transfers as well as purchases at merchants with MULTIBANCO, among other transactions.

    Your online shopping is now protected from fraud! The 3D Secure service allows you to use your actual credit card data in websites of secure establishments. Service available for debit cards issued from 22/06/2016. Know more.

    Now it's easy to make purchases or transfers with only your mobile phone number. Know more.

    Make shopping at distant, in a simple and safe way, in Portugal or abroad. Know more.


    Digital+ account: Management fee of €3.90 per month, plus 4% of stamp duty.

    Service + Account: Management fee of €1.95 per month, plus 4% of stamp duty. Authorized overdraft: Fixed ANR of 12%. AER of 14.4%. Calculated on the use of €1,500 in credit over 3 months. Current calculation of interest actual/360. Total amount payable by borrower €1,706.36.