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Best Trading Pro

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Learn all about Best Trading Pro


The minimum amount required to set up the Best Trading Pro service is € 500.

  • Market orders: instruction to buy or sell immediately at the best market price.
  • Stop orders: generally used to close positions and to protect from losses.
  • Limit orders: normally used to open a new position or achieve capital gains at a defined price.
  • Trailing stop: similar to normal stop orders, they change with the asset's defined price in a proportion defined by the investor whenever it moves in his favor. This order makes it possible to reduce the constant need to monitor the price of an open position, limiting the maximum risk.
  • Stop limit: it is a stop order with a limit. The order goes through when a trigger price is hit, up to the defined price limit. If the price is exceeded the order will not be filled, acting as a limit order.

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Real account in https://www.btp.pt.

Demo account in https://www.btp.pt/sim.

Download here.

Call our Trading Desk, available from 08h to 21h on business and stock market days, through:

00351 218 507 758

00351 965 999 254

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