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Best Trading

Account for those who want to trade on the stock exchange
with the lowest commissions.


Don't pay maintenance fees and have no minimum amounts.


For internal and interbank transfers on the website, mobile and ATM.


Stocks, ETF, warrants and certificates. Cuy and sell on Quick-trade.


In app Best Bank, search for securities, trade and check the main markets.

Want to start trading?


Our trading services go above and beyond the opening of an account. If you are taking the first steps in trading and wish to deepen your knowledge, we can help. See how you can make better deals.


If you are a seasoned trader and wish to raise to the next level, try the most advanced trading platform in the world: Best Trading Pro.


Open an account

Only in 10 minutes by video call

You only need your smartphone or your computer and we take care of everything
face to face, no need to go to the branch.

Open account
Relevant documents

Opening an account at Banco Best may be done in various ways:

Fill out all the entry fields, print, sign and mail it to us with these documents:

  • Account opening form.
  • Investment profile questionnaire.
  • General conditions contract.

For each holder you must also send:

  • Certified copy of the holder's identity card.
  • Legible copy of taxpayer card.
  • Proof of professional activity and employer.

To complete the opening process all you need to do is a bank-to-bank transfer or a check deposit, and mail it with all the other documents. You can also choose to make a deposit in your account on any Novo Banco branch.

You can also download all the necessary documents, through Banco Best free service for delivery, validation and certification of the documents at any post office. The service is not valid before the opening process is complete. As an option, you can visit one of our Investment Centres.

If you prefer personalized assistance contact our Investment Centres and arrange a meeting with a assistant.

The minimum amount to open a Best Trading account is €500, but you can choose to transfer a portfolio of equal value. The opening of a second account (or more) will have no mandatory minimum.

You can open your account in euros, british pounds, american dollars and swiss francs. If you choose euros, you can make all transactions through your debit or credit cards, cashier checks, bank transfers, domiciliation or ATM payments. Foreign currency accounts may only be operated through bank transfers.

Our free seminars are the best way to accelerate your learning on investment. Our experts will share their experiences and best tips on trading. Find out where we will be next.