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Best Sales Network

A professional to support you.

Accompaniment in daily financial management and investments.


Support to the day-to-day financial management.


Savings solutions identification and support to the decisions on investment opportunities.


Total availability and mobility.




Professionals in Best Bank own commercial network who support you in day to day financial management, as well as in your savings and investments.


(+351) 226 056 600

Lg Barão de S. Martinho, n.º 28-30, 2.º
4700-306 Braga

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(+351) 226 076 790

Av. Boavista n.º 1243, 6º
4100-130 Porto

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(+351) 225 439 010

Av. Lourenço Peixinho, n.º 162 - 1.º M/N
3800-161 Aveiro

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(+351) 213 806 470

Av. 22 Maio, Edif. Praça Nova n.º 26 - 1.º R
2415-396 Leiria

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(+351) 218 839 310

Pç Marquês de Pombal, n.º 3, 2.º
1250-161 Lisboa

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(+351) 213 806 460

Rua de Portugal, n.º 37-41
8000-281 Faro

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External Advisor (“Promotor / Agente Vinculado”)


Professionals which activity is subject to communication to the Banco de Portugal and the CMVM (Securities and Exchange Commission Commission) who provide investor prospection services and promote financial services and products.

Boavista - Foco

(+ 351) 226 090 108

Rua Afonso Lopes Vieira, n.º 140 – 144
4100-020 Porto

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(+351) 251 648 004

Av. Boavista, n.º 362
4950-854 Monção

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(+351) 243 391 175

Av. Bernardo Santareno, n.º 46/C
2005-177 Santarém

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Vila Verde

(+351) 253 311 211

Av. do Autarca, n.º 105
4730-714 Vila Verde

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(+351) 253 066 255

Rua de São Gonçalo, n.º 1520
4835-103 Guimarães

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Porto Foz

(+351) 226 109 288

Av. Brasil n.º 328
4150-151 Porto

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Tâmega e Sousa

(+351) 255 523 454

Av. Gago Coutinho, n.º 460
4630–262 Marco de Canaveses

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(+351) 918 106 308

Rua de Coimbra, 103 R/C Dto
2300-471 Tomar

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Relevant documents

We put at your service high qualified professionals to support you in the identification of the best savings solutions and investment opportunities at each moment, following you in everything connected do the daily financial management.

As an innovative Bank, always looking for a service suited to its Customers needs, Best created two kinds of professional profiles to manage the relationship with its Customers: Manager and External Advisor ("Promotor / Agente Vinculado") .

Both have the know-how and the relationship skills that guarantee the excellence of the service provided. They only differ on the legal framework.

The Manager is a Bank employee. The External Advisor ("Promotor / Agente Vinculado") is a promoter - tied agent that works as a service provider and which activity is subject to communication to the Banco de Portugal and to the CMVM (Securities and Exchange Commission Commission), respectively.

Legal scope

Both Promoter’s and Tied Agents’ activities are subject to communication to the Bank of Portugal and to registration at the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM), being pursued as per a code of conduct available for consultation. These professionals can only initiate their activities after public disclosure by the Portuguese Securities and Exchange Commission.

Please be reminded that the External Advisors ("Promotores / Agentes Vinculados") are not employees of Banco Best. According to the applicable laws and regulations, they have signed a services rendering contract with the Bank that allows them to represent Banco Best while customer prospecting and while supplying information about products and services made available by Banco Best. These External Advisors ("Promotores / Agentes Vinculados") are banned from carrying out the following:

  • acting on behalf and for the account of another financial intermediary, nevertheless they can pursue another activity since they are not bound by exclusivity;
  • delegating to other persons the powers that were conferred by Banco Best;
  • celebrating any contracts on behalf of Banco Best;
  • receiving or delivering by any means, including electronically, cash or values of any nature;
  • acting or decision making on your behalf;
  • receiving any kind of remuneration from you.