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It's easy. It's fast. It's safe

Instant transfers, purchases and withdrawals without physical card.


Amount immediately available at destination, even between different banks.


It only takes your phone number to pay for your purchases.


You can make cash withdrawals at an ATM (MB Network) without your physical card.


A single PIN for all operations or validation through Touch ID.


Set utilization limits for more safety.


It manages virtual cards for online shopping without using the card’s real data.

Available services


Yes, there are several. The limits are:

  • Maximum of €750 per transfer operation.
  • Maximum of €2,500 received and sent per month.
  • Maximum of 20 transfers received per month.

Due to the interbank characteristic of the MB WAY service, each one of these limits can vary from bank to bank but they can never be higher (only lower).

At the moment of the joining to the MB WAY that limit is automatically set at €50, yet it can be changed anytime at the MB WAY app or in one the service joining channels.

It is possible to activate the MB WAY in more than one device by using a single mobile phone number (single joining). The MB WAY app activation on other devices with the same mobile phone number assumes the introduction of the active MB WAY account data (mobile phone number and PIN). The devices activated with the same MB WAY account share the same information and notifications. This way, when one of the devices confirms or rejects a purchase or transfer operation the other ones are informed and that same operation will become unavailable on the other devices.

Besides, it is possible to check the existence of other devices associated to the user account.

You should go to the ATM with any of the cards associated to your MB WAY app service and set a new PIN.

Yes, they have a maximum of 10 minutes to be confirmed. After that the purchase request expires and it cannot be concluded. This way, it is possible to timely inform the user and the shop about the purchase operation result.

Yes, you can. Just add the mobile number you wish to associate.

See all FAQs List here.

In order to join you must have a smartphone or a tablet with iOS, Android or Windows. Besides that, in order to use MB Way you should also have an active data connection (via cellular data or Wi-Fi) so you can receive payment notifications and messages concerning the service.

1st step: Go to www.best.pt and choose Everyday Banking > Cards > MB WAY > Join, or go to an ATM (MULTIBANCO), insert your debit/credit card and select the option ""Aderir ao MB WAY (Join MB WAY)". Enter your mobile phone number and set a six digit MB WAY PIN. This PIN will be used to confirm your transactions on the MB way app. If you only want to add another debit/credit card to your mobile phone just select “Add new card”.

The service use terms are available at "Useful Information".

2nd step: to activate the service download MB WAY app from the Appstore or Google Play (available for iOS, Android or Windows). Accept the service terms, insert your mobile phone number and the MB WAY PIN set before. You will immediately receive a text message with the activation code for the app and the service will be available right away. Go to the example pages at ""Useful Information" for more information.

The MB WAY app has available features of cards management, cash withdrawals, operations and notifications consultation, identification information management, app blockage, devices management, MB WAY PIN and daily limit alterations.

With the MB NET service now integrated in the MB WAY it is easier and safer to shop online – use the MB NET in the MB WAY app to generate virtual cards.

Go to FAQ for more information about the service and respective utilization limits.

Check the stores where you can already pay via the MB WAY service at www.mbway.pt in Consumidores > Onde Utilizar area. Learn all about this service at FAQs.