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Bonus Savings Account

The savings account that gives you bonus.


Interest rate of 0.10% (GNAR) in the first six months.

BONUS UP TO 0.375%

Loyalty bonus per semester of 0.125% up to a maximum of 0.375% provided there were no withdrawals during the semester.

FROM €125

Start saving with just €125. You can add funds any time minimum €25.


Automatically renewed after six months up to 4 semesters.


No penalty at the renewal or maturity dates. At any other time there will be a penalty of total interest paid over the withdrawn amount.


Full guarantee of capital and interest.


Term deposits can be renewable or non-renewable. If they are renewable you can choose, at the moment of subscription, to capitalize the interest or credit them to your current account.

Interest rate will vary according to currency, term and amount of the deposit.

In the event of early mobilization there is full interest penalty on the mobilized capital. Some deposits cannot be mobilized before maturity.

We offer various solutions so that you can find the one that best suits your goals. If you do not wish to invest your money on a fixed term we also have available the Date Free Term Deposit, that offers total flexibility in choosing your period of investment.

If you are looking for high performance and enjoy innovative products, try participating in a term deposit auction where you can obtain attractive performances.

Only savings accounts allow for reinforcements. For deposits you must make a new deposit, fixed-term or date-free term deposit, subject to the minimum amount required. For date-free term deposits you can select the number of days covered in your term to coincide your other previous investments.