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The advantages of your Digital Account

Free services, multiple features and products so you can manage your financial life.

€0 maintenance fee

Euro accounts.

€0 transfers

Internal and interbank transfers on the website, mobile and ATM are free of charge.

0€ Mb way services

Make transfers, mobile phone payments and withdrawals without card.

0€ debit card

Debit card available (1st year) for the first holder on account opening.


By opening the first account and acquiring Best Gold Plus Visa card. APR 15,6%*

Do you have any question about Best accounts?
What is the minimum amount to open an account with Banco Best?
Can I open more than one account?
Can the accounts have more than one holder?
Where can I make deposits and withdrawals?
Where can I see my account full statement?
What should I do if I forget or lose my access codes?

*Example for Best Gold Plus Visa card: APR 15,6% for a credit amount of €1,500 at a fixed NAR of 8,1% and 12 months repayments. 40€ annuity.