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Best Gold Visa card

Credit card with worldwide VISA coverage


For holder and beneficiaries. €0 annuity for holders of Service + Account and Digital Account+.

APR 12,6% - ANR 8,10%

APR 12,6%

APR 12,6% calculated with a fixed annual nominal rate of 8,10%.*


Make fuel payments without surcharge.


Anti-fraud service that sends an SMS for each purchase above €75.


Discounts, promotions and other exclusive offers from Best Card Club partners.


Special purchases service access with an independent installments plan up to 59 months.

Services for your card


You can request a card at any Banco Best channel available, except on mobile service. The approval of your request is subject to a commercial analysis and to the delivery of the documentation of your monthly earnings.

The payment of the card account statement can be made by direct debit in the account associated to the card on the 21st of every month (the statement closes on the 31st and includes all purchases made between the 1st and the 31st inclusive), or on the 5th (the statement closes on the 15th and includes all purchases made between the 16th of the previous month and the 15th of the following month inclusive). If the 21st or 5th are not working days the payment will be made on the next working day from Monday to Thursday. It can also be paid at an ATM until 6 pm on the limit payment day referred in the statement.

For your convenience, the amount in debt can be settled in monthly percentages between 10% and 100% with a minimum amount of €15. You can also make timely payments via all the bank channels and ATM. Please note that if this payment is equal or above the minimum amount referred in the statement, the debit order regarding the outstanding amount will not be triggered on the payment date. However, if the amount is inferior to the minimum amount the debit order will be triggered for the difference between the amount settled and the minimum one. Please be reminded of the importance of settling your monthly statement in due time. According to the law in effect, the card will be blocked whenever the minimum payment is not settled. It is of great importance to always have your contact information updated so we can immediately inform you in case this situation occurs.

You can change the settlement percentage any time via web, contact centre or the Relationship Management service. Please note that:

  • If the transactions included in your statement are debited in the current account associated with your card on the 21st of each month (or on the next business day, from Monday to Thursday), the new payment feature will include all transactions carried out since the 1st (inclusive) of the current month.
  • If the transactions included in your statement are debited in the current account associated with your card on the 5th of each month (or on the next business day, from Monday to Thursday), the new payment feature will include all transactions carried out since the 16th (inclusive) of the previous month.

In case of theft or loss, you can block you card on the Best Bank app. If you prefer, you can immediately call Best Bank on +351 218 505 775 (business days from 8h to 20h WET) or SIBS on +351 217 918 780 (available 24h/7). Please, have your card number, account number or IBAN with you. You should also report this situation to the authorities.

You should call us on +351 218 505 775 (business days from 8h to 20h WET) so we can verify the cause. In case of capture by exceeding the PIN attempts, we will replace your card automatically and will send you a new card and PIN code to your home address. The card will have to be activated by the costumer for security reasons. You can also block you card on the Best Bank app.

In the previous month of the renewal date, we will send a new card to your home address. Your current card’s PIN is fixed and will be maintained for the new card. If you are abroad, you will have to activate your card on www.bancobest.pt, calling us on 707 246 707 or +351 218 505 775 (if calling from abroad). The former card can be used up to its expiry date or destroyed after the new card has been activated.

Cancelling is effective immediately after the Customer’s request. Otherwise, the card will only be cancelled on the date when it would be renewed, as is engraved on the card.

Credit card cancellation implies that there is no amount owing (either on the holder’s card or on the beneficiary’s, if there is one).

Since the outstanding debt in the card is payed monthly, automatically and on a specific date, there may be need for a one-off payment over the ATM (reference in the bank statement) or over the website.

If there is no amount owing and it is the renewal year (mentioned on the card), cancellation or non-renewal requests must be made 60 days in advance to its expiration date.

Banco Best initiates the emission and expedition of a new card exactly 60 days before expiration date, so as to ensure it gets to the holder’s residence in time for the Customer to always have a valid card.

If it is not the renewal year, 60 days are not necessary. All it takes for a timely resolve is one week before the month mentioned on the card. If, for instance, validity is 11/2009, cancellation should be requested before the last week of November. If such request is made by letter sent by mail, two weeks should be considered so that there is time to process.

Yes you can. Such operation functions as a reinforcement of the card’s account, that is, as an advance payment of next month’s owing amount.

Such operations are considered as credit cash advance and are charged to the credit account. So, fees apply according to the current price list.

There is no access if the coholder of your current account is the single holder of the card account. However, if two cards were requested for one card account (holder and beneficiary), all movements are available for consultation only by the holder. The beneficiary can only consult the movements in his/her card.

For example: Mr. A is married to Mrs. B and they are in the same current account and it can be operated by both. If Mr. A requests a card separately only he will access the movements in that card. Same thing with Mrs. B.

If, however, Mr. A is holder of the card account and Mrs. B is the beneficiary, then Mr. A has access to movements done by both and Mrs. B will only have access to movements done with her own card.

Requests for increases on a card’s credit limit can be made on www.bancobest.pt, by calling us on 707 246 707 or +351 218 505 775 (if calling from abroad) or through the Relationship Management service. The bank will reply by email, or telephone after the request has been examined. Documents and/or additional information may be required in order to check your monthly earnings.

Contact us to find out the card that best fits you. We will send you the new card in order to replace the old one. Once you receive it, you can start using it with the PIN code of the previous one. The old card will be automatically cancelled once you use the new one on a purchase.

You may, if you wish, have two credit cards although this is a commercial decision which must be analysed by the bank.

  • Protect the integrity of your card.
  • Keep card and PIN separate.
  • Sign the back of the card.
  • Do not allow other people to use your card.
  • Examine your card statement carefully.
  • Write down your card number and all of the contacts supplied by the Bank in a safe, easily accessible place.

If you want to use your credit card to make payments on the internet:

  • Make sure that the vendor provides all of the respective information, including an address.
  • Avoid inserting the card no. in sites which are not protected by international security systems.
  • Always use the MB NET Service when you are shopping online.
  • Always make a note of the internet address through which the purchase has been made.

Before making any payment via internet check here our security recommendations.

Subscribe to the SMS Guardian Service. It sends text alerts every time a transaction is made with your credit card. Know more.

Always use MB NET service – it allows you to make remote purchases (via internet, telephone, email or fax machine) with additional security guarantees by generating temporary cards with all the necessary information to make a payment. Know more.


  • Purchases in Portugal and abroad at merchants with payment terminals accepting VISA.
  • Cash advance at cash machines and over the counter at foreign banks accepting VISA and in MULTIBANCO ATM network.
  • Cash advances to your current account by telephone and Internet.
  • Payments of services by telephone and Internet.


  • Cash withdrawals, payments of services and interbank transfers from ATM cash machines part of MULTIBANCO.
  • Purchases at merchants with payment terminals accepting MULTIBANCO network.
  • Ad hoc payments of owed debt at any time.

Subscribe to a prestige credit card with low annual fees: €20 for the holder and beneficiaries. The holders of the Service Account + and Digital + Account are exempt of annuities.

You just need to have a credit or debit card from Best and then enjoy the unique advantages of the Best Card Club: discounts, promotions and other offers exclusive for you. Know more.

Debit transactions in Portugal when shopping in MULTIBANCO network joining establishments; withdrawals, service payment or bank transfers can be made at MULTIBANCO cashmachines. Credit shopping and withdrawals possible in Portugal and abroad.

In Portugal and abroad possibility of credit transactions by shopping or cash advance in Visa network.

The payments made in Gas Stations are free of Gas fees.

Access to a special purchase service, with a separate payment plan, up to 59 months. Pay for your purchases in fixed installments.

Cash advance service will give you the equivalent to your credit card balance.

Monthly payment from 10% up to 100% (minimum €15).

Free anti-fraud service – sends an SMS for each transaction from €75 up. Know more.

Your online shopping is now protected from fraud! The 3D Secure service allows you to use your actual credit card data in websites of secure establishments Know more.

Now it's easy to make purchases or transfers with only your mobile phone number. Know more.

Shop at a distance, in a simple and safe way, in Portugal or abroad. Know more.

*Example for Best Gold Visa card: APR 12,6% for a credit amount of €1.500 at a fixed NAR of 8,10% and 12 months repayments. €20 annuities.