New Customer?

Assets ≥€25.000 within the next 3 months?

Credit card monthly value (EUR)

Max. 50.000

Min. 0

  • Awarded miles

    Accumulated miles

  • 31.500


  • -


  • -


  • * The atribution of the initial miles will occur until the end of the next month after fullfilment of the eligibility criteria. The atribution of miles related to the posession of assets under management occurs 3 months after the initial miles atribution.
Detailed information Miles
New Customer 15.000
Assets ≥ €25.000 within the next 3 months? 10.000
Credit card application 5.000
Credit card monthly purchases amount 1.500
The amounts herein can be changed according to the applicable terms of the promotions access rules in effect at any time. The monthly amount of purchases with credit card is presented with the calculated miles amount – 100 miles = € 100.
Conditions for membership Loyalty programme